President's Message - December 2013

This has been a positive Fall season with a number of our  players, teams and coaches accomplishing great things.  I would like to say thanks to the many volunteers that make our Club run.  Behind the scenes there is a network of managers, treasurers, assistant coaches, league reps, field coordinators, general parent volunteers, and board members that are pulling it all together. I sincerely thank each and every volunteer. The energy and dedication to the children is exciting.


The last few months have been a blur stepping into the role of President. There is a wonderful history of volunteers that have stepped up to the call and I would be remiss if I didn't thank our immediate past president Hal Kenny for all of his work and continued dedication to our mission.


The future is bright for our Club.  Thunder continues to grow and evolve operationally and this next year will give the board an opportunity to sharpen the Club's focus on providing a quality experience for our children and their families.  This includes growing our program offerings with an expansion into a recreation program and refocusing our Travel programs to provide players and families with the right services at the right time.


I am thrilled to be leading the Club into this next phase of our growth.  I have been involved with teaching and coaching youth sports for 20 plus years.  Working with youth has always been a passion of mine and soccer in Howard County has kept my wife and I busy with 4 kids playing soccer.


As with any organization Thunder has some challenges to address.  As we launch new programs, such as Super Y, we learn from our experiences and your feedback so that we can provide a better product.  Over the next few months the board will be refining the "Thunder Experience" and outlining Club goals for the future.  This will include plans for fields, re-tooling our programs, and seeking additional funding sources.  We encourage Club members to participate in our growth.  We welcome your thoughts and experience to help us evolve.


We realize there are many choices for youth sports in our community and will strive to be the best at delivering a positive Thunder Experience that exceeds your expectations.  Come Grow with Us!



Keith O'Neil