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WAGS Highlights

Any inquiries concerning WAGS should be sent to the Club Representative, Carmen Ball, by the team manager or coach. Information about the league, including rules, schedules and results can be found at the WAGS website.
WAGS Registrar:

6109 Trackless Sea Ct.
Clarksville, MD 21029


WAGS Scholarship: Adele Dolansky Scholarship, click here for Guidelines/Application (Deadline to apply May 1st) - Each year WAGS offers four scholarships of $2500. Two of the scholarships are need based awards and two are based on volunteerism activities, dedication to the game and academics. Players that do not qualify for need based awards will automatically be considered for scholarship awards based on volunteerism, dedication to the game and academics.

WAGS Highlights:
  • The spring 2011 schedule will be posted March 24th on the WAGS website. To follow TSC teams in WAGS, click here.
  • There will be no game cancellations except in instances in conflict with MD/VA State Cup Competition, High School Soccer Game, ODP Game (resulting in a roster below 11 players) and inclement weather.
  • Score Reporting - Coaches - It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM COACH to report the score of his/her game TO HIS/HER DIVISION COORDINATOR within two (2) hours after completion of games but not later than 7:00 p.m. that same day. Provide the Game number and scores for both teams as well as a referee count.
  • All teams need to update their contact information via the WAGS website. Teams that are unable to access their PIN should email Carmen Ball.
  • All teams that will forfeit their match must contact the league and the other team. The league will notify the refs. There have been incidents when the league was not notified and the team requesting the forfeiture showed up to the field and won by default.
  • WAGS Tournament Policy – Procedures for requesting a Tournament Weekend off - Upon acceptance of a tournament during league play, the team may send a request to the WAGS Board for that weekend off. Following approval of this request, all other requests will be voided (except dual coaching conflicts). Part of the requirement for Board approval will include the team/club providing a Saturday field for rescheduling the match(s). All requests must be made within 48 hours of the team receiving their acceptance letter. The acceptance letter must be attached to the email request. Please refer to WAGS Rule I.6.d page 9. - Only one request per season.
  • STATE CUP CONFLICTS If a team has a conflict with a WAGS game, you must do the following:
· Email Carmen Ball, who will contact the WAGS Office and WAGS President within 48 hours of notification of the conflict
· In the email, state the WAGS Game number
· Contact your opponent immediately
· The game in conflict will be rescheduled to the next available date for both teams.
· Refer to the WAGS Rules regarding State Cup conflicts.
  • STARs (Special Team Assistant Referee) - Each U12 and U13 team must identify at least three STARs prior to the beginning of each season by posting their names and contact information in the Team Contacts section of the WAGS website.
· STARs must be certified referees in USSF Grades 12, 9, 8, or 7.
· Check WAGS website for classes and on-line registration.
· In order to be reimbursed for STAR participation, the STAR card MUST be submitted within 5 days after the team’s last game. Each STAR must receive the signature of the referee after each game.
  • Field Closures – check the WAGS website.

  • Rules & Discipline Committee: Members include registrars, club reps and refs. The complete Rules & Discipline guide can be found by clicking here.
  • Managers/coaches should contact the R&D Chair directly and copy Michelle with any R&D issues. Parents should NOT contact the Chair or the league.
  • Penalty Points
    a. Yellow Cards (Caution) – Two (2) points
    b. Red Cards (Ejection) – Five (5) points
    c. Two (2) yellow cards or one (1) red – must sit out the next game and download the
    sit out form from the web and get it signed. Make a photocopy before submitting it. If this is not done, the game will be forfeited.
    d. Coaches will serve a suspension for any parent ejected from a game (a red card need not be shown)
    e. More than 15 points and a team must appear before the R&D committee
  • If a coach is removed from or asked to leave the match by the referee, the coach is considered to be ejected. There is no need for a red card to be shown. The coach will sit out at minimum the next match and must print out the red card form found on the WAGs website. The opposing coach must sign the red card form at the next game and the form is to be mailed to the WAGs office. Failure to abide by these rules will result in forfeiture.
  • Teams are responsible for keeping track of yellow cards. An accumulation of more than five (5) points results in a one (1) match suspension.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators/parents. If a parent is removed from a match, the coach will serve the suspension and must complete the red card form for the next scheduled match.

Team Labels for Game Report Card
Team Labels (Word document formatted to print your team roster on labels with dimensions of 3 1/3 X 4)