Age Group Expectations | Thunder Soccer Club of Howard County

Age Group Expectations

The documents below describe the level of "Expectation" for a particular age group.  These are guidelines and not specific policy as the club believes that this describes the level of player effort, commitment and skills that a select/travel player should expect with club soccer.

Welcome to Thunder!

Thunder Soccer Club offers competitive soccer primarily in the premier local travel leagues (WAGS/NCSL/BBSL/CMSSL) and the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of the game through the Club’s excellent youth development program. Players enjoy the benefits of expert training and coaching to play premier travel soccer. The Thunder Soccer Club provides a fun, positive and committed environment for our young players to learn and enjoy soccer year-round from some of the best coaches available.

Although our coaches are ultimately responsible for the selection, training and development of their respective teams, the success of any of Thunder’s individual teams can be meaured in many different ways, but always relies on the sometimes undervalued support and assistance from the individual parents within any Thunder Team.

Parents are always encouraged to maintain an open and direct line of communication with their player’s respective coaches and his/her staff.  Pre-season and post season meetings or get togethers are highly encouraged as they serve to ensure that complete team bonding takes place well beyond the player’s time on the fields.  These same events also ensure that all team members fully appreciate the value of appropriate team objectives and that ultimately those objectives are only truly met through the collective support of both players and parents. 

Additionally, throughout the season, individual player parents/guardians have the valuable opportunity, through formal scheduled individual or group "parent/coach conferences", of learning more about the sport of soccer.  These conferences may include areas such as individual player learning styles as well as explanations of technical and tactical decisions made by the coach.  Whatever the topic, the goal is to ensure that both player and parent are hearing the same consistent message being delivered through team training, but not always adequately relayed or shared with the parent.
It is this philosophy within each team structure that allows Thunder Soccer Club to boast a higher than average retention rate of players and coaches throughout our youth ranks, many of which go on to not only represent their local high schools but also colleges/universities and now our newly established teams within the Men’s National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL).

Go Thunder!!!!