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Axis Training

Summer and Winter Training at Axis

Agility training exercises help improve speed, explosive power, coordination, and specific sports skills. All athletes can benefit from agility training exercises. Working on balance, agility, flexibility and control is also important in the prevention of injuries. We want our athletes to be prepared to train in the best way for their body without creating poor habits or straining themselves.

This year we are encouraging players to participate in speed/agility and strength training at Axis Sport Performance Training. Players will be grouped by age/team in small groups and will work on helping players improve at their developmental level to help each player to be a better overall athlete.

  • Power and speed

  • Injury prevention

  • Balance and coordination

Sessions will be about 1 hour once or twice per week depending on the age group, and will be run by trainers who are skilled at working with athletes to be prepared for games and regular practices. 



Approximate Dates for Sessions

Age Group

Summer Dates

Winter Dates


July 21-September 9 -once per week

January 5-March 2 -once per week

U15 and older

July 5-August 4 -twice per week

January 5-March 2 -twice per week