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Thunder Development Program

This fast growing soccer program is designed to introduce your child to the world’s most popular game. SOCCER! Emphasis will be placed on learning, understanding and enjoying the game in a non-competitive environment. The Thunder Developmental Program (TDP) offers two levels of play:

The children "warm-up" playing lots of tag games, and learn exciting new skills... and then break up into ’mini-teams’ and have some well earned scrimmage time. What we think is special about this program is that it deliberately caters to the beginner soccer player with minimal commitment.  All players are intentionally being guided to learn and gain skills thru playing fun games...  not thru setting up "drills" whereby players stand in lines and listen to lectures, and get "told" what to do.  Thru "guided discovery", the players are having fun, learning new skills, and hopefully, learning to LOVE the beautiful game!
PTSE is the Club’s fastest growing program that is designed to prepare committed younger players for Travel Play. This professionally trained School of Excellence is structured to provide quality training, skills learning, and game play. Our curriculum is designed and implemented by professional coaches to provide players with advanced training that will help them develop the skilled, imaginative and creative play needed to graduate into our travel program. Registration in this program is NOT contingent on soccer ability! At this age, all children are considered new to the sport. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What Should My Child Bring to the TDP?
A: Water, shin guards (worn under their socks), and T-shirt (provided at the 1st session) and they should be ready to have fun!  Thunder will have balls available for the players each session.
Q: How do I find out if the session is cancelled due to rain?
A: As we are utilizing fields run by the Howard County Rec & Parks, if they determine the fields are too wet, we have to follow their guidelines. We generally are notified by 3:00pm. As soon as we are notified that the fields are closed we will do the following:
1. Send out an email to everyone stating that the session is cancelled. Please make sure the email address that you provided when signing up your child is the one you would like to receive these messages.
2. Update the front page of the Thunder website stating that the session is cancelled (
Q: Does my child need any special shoes for the Thunder Micro-Program?
A: Absolutely not, sneakers at this age are fine, soccer cleats are good but not necessary. Please refrain from wearing baseball cleats however!
Q: What should I as a parent do or be expected of while my child is playing?
A: Enjoy this experience with your child, and let them enjoy themselves.